User’s Review: Why I Love Adobe Lightroom

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  • November 25, 2015
  • LR 24Adobe Lightroom is a very popular photo editing tool in the market today. The software was also considered to be one of the most influential tools ever created. It was intended to guide and help young and professional photographers organize and modify their hundreds or even thousands of images. Unlike other software, Adobe Lightroom is an easy-to-use tool that contains features which can help users save time and effort with their editing tasks.

    Personal views about the program

    One of the things I love about the program is that it contains a lot of useful features, and one of it is, it allows us to create Lightroom presets or filtered images used to apply to one or more images at once. When I first bought the program, I noticed that there were only few default Lightroom presets included. However, it is enough for me to explore the presets and create my own customized Lightroom presets. Creating presets are merely adding styles and effects that are suitable for the images.

    Here’s a video on how to install Sleeklens Lightroom presets on Mac and PC:

    I have been using the program for quite some time now and I am still amazed with how Adobe enhances the whole program. In addition, more and more wonderful Lightroom preset bundles are being added into the preset market. I usually refer to an  infoparrots guide to best free lightroom presets whenever I don’t have enough time to create my own Lightroom presets.

    Although there are a lot of preset bundles available online, I suggest that you should be really careful in choosing preset packages since some of it contains presets with bad effects and styles.

    Installing downloaded Lightroom presets is very easy. I regularly download Lightroom presets online since I don’t have much time and talent to create more presets. Overall, creating Lightroom presets is one of the best things I like about Adobe Lightroom.



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