Understanding the Parts of DSLR Cameras

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  • November 11, 2015
  • pic222With so many digital cameras available in the market today, understanding how all the features and specifications work out is very confusing and complicated. In this article, we will mainly focus on discussing the basic parts of the cameras or DSLR cameras. We will also talk about basic photography tutorials that will help you take more beautiful shots.

    The Basic Parts of a Camera

    Basically, your digital camera is made up of several parts and features, but there are only few parts that we want to focus on. Listed below are the detailed explanations of the basic functions of every part of the camera.

    The Body

    Generally, the body is the main housing of the camera. While it has no major effect on the quality of the images from the camera, it does affect the performance of the photographers. It is advised that it is better to use handy action video camera than those bulky ones.

    The Lens

    The lens serves the eye of your camera. Behind the simple lens that we see outside of it are complex materials composed of pixels, light and etc. Every lens has its own level of pixels, that’s why it is important to know and understand the difference between lenses.

    The Sensor

    Essentially, the sensor is equivalent to the film that we used before digital cameras. It is exposed to light during pictorials and records level of exposure. The size and feature of the camera’s sensors are also very significant as these have greater impact to the quality of the images.

    The Battery

    This one is the most important part of the camera. Without it, cameras would be nothing but mere displays. Professional photographers tend to buy extra batteries for them to use if one is already used.

    Overall, understanding the basic functions of the camera will help you in doing your photography tasks. After doing so, you can proceed in using post processing tools to modify your images from the camera. You can also use lightroom presets that works or download it online.


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