Top 4 Characteristics of Lightroom Presets

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  • September 6, 2016
    • There are many Lightroom presets that can be found around the internet
    • However, top presets share 4 common characteristics
    • Each preset has its own strengths and weaknesses

    Lightroom presets can be found anywhere in the internet, whether it be for free or paid. It is what photo editors use to make photo editing easier and much more efficient. But what are the top Lightroom presets?


    Admittedly, even a thorough search engine sweep on this topic would leave you confused with the huge amount of lists that claim to have the top Lightroom presets. Therefore, in order to narrow down this topic, we’ll enumerate the characteristics that all “top Lightroom presets” have in common.

    1. Soften harsh light

    There are photos that just seem to suck in all the light  therefore causing certain areas to have extremely lit parts that are not very pleasant to look at. By using Lightroom, you can easily edit this part and make  it look more balanced.

    1. Brighten up dim areas

    Just like how it softens harsh light, Lightroom also allows poorly lit photos to have more vibrance and light through its presets.

    1. Cinema-esque feel

    With just a few clicks, simple photos can be turned into one with a more sophisticated, cinema-styled feel. It also gives more focus on a subject/s making it easier for the viewer to direct their attention to the main person/s or things in the picture.

    1. Natural looking

    We’ve also noticed that the top Lightroom presets available in the internet aim at making photos look as stunning as possible, but still maintain that natural look. It uses the slides to highlight a feature without completely altering it.

    Overall, Lightroom presets come in many different types— each carrying its own strengths and weaknesses, therefore making it harder for us to point which ones are “the best”. But if you’re looking for a way to know which presets to choose, feel free to use the characteristics stated above as a guide for your next Lightroom preset purchase or download.


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