Adobe Lightroom: Every Photographer’s Best Friend

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  • December 1, 2015
  • LR 15If you randomly ask people about which Adobe products they often use, they probably tell you several software names such as Adobe Reader, Adobe Flash, Elements, and Photoshop. However, in a more specific field, Adobe system is capable of producing more useful products. Now, if you ask young and professional photographers, the majority of them will tell you that they need a tool that will help them save time while editing their images.

    Luckily, their prayers was answered immediately. Adobe released another exciting tool called Adobe Lightroom. Unlike Photoshop where users need to modify their images manually, Adobe Lightroom allows its users to edit their images by simply using Lightroom portrait presets. In addition, Lightroom contains more exciting enhancement tools that will assist photographers with their editing workload.

    I had the chance to do a personal survey and I asked several young and professional photographers if they like Lightroom, how they use the program and how significant it is for their tasks. But before we start, let’s have a very quick background of Lightroom and its features.

    About Adobe Lightroom

    Generally, Adobe Lightroom was released in 2006. Because of the positive feedback, Adobe system, the developer of the program continues to upgrade it and make it even more useful. Over the years, a lot of features have been added on to Lightroom. Here are some of the additional Lightroom Features:

    Advanced Healing Brush Tool

    This tool is present in Photoshop but with very limited services. In Lightroom, users can change the size of the brush whenever they want.

    Radial Gradient

    This new Lightroom feature allows photographers to control effects which also enable them to emphasize the edited areas.

    Upright/Straightening Tool

    One of the major issues that most photographers undergo is battling how to straighten curved lines. This tool in Lightroom is the biggest solution to their problem.