Advantages of Adobe Lightroom

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  • January 13, 2016
  • For a very long time, Adobe Photoshop has been considered as one of the most powerful and effective post-processing tools in the industry. People often use the term “Photoshop” to describe an edited image. Moreover, people know that a photoshopped image is the best and has high-quality settings. You can see a lot of photoshopped images anywhere you go; it can be in the magazine covers, billboards and more.

    LR13 - CopySince Adobe Photoshop has already built a good reputation, most photographers, young and professional prefer using the most updated versions of the program.

    But in 2006, Adobe created a new program that can provide great assistance to photographers. It is called Adobe Lightroom. Some say it can be the replacement of Photoshop, but it’s not. It’s actually a very unique program that contains a lot of exciting and easy to use features.

    Adobe Lightroom is an image processing tool that was developed by Adobe system in 2006 and was launched in 2007. By using the new program, photographers can now modify their work in the most convenient way. From organizing, importing to modifying images, Lightroom can do it for you.

    Just like Adobe Photoshop, Lightroom has its own unique set of advantages. So here are the three reasons why Lightroom is the best program today.

    Can Process RAW and JPEG files

    Basically, Lightroom can work well with both RAW and JPEG files. Unlike other post processing tools, Lightroom is more open with these kinds of files.

    Lightroom Presets

    Adobe Lightroom contains a unique feature called preset. It is similar to actions in Photoshop and filtered images in Instagram. The difference is that Lightroom presets can be applied to one or more images in just a few clicks. In any case, adding presets to Lightroom is as simple as importing images from PC desktop.


    Lightroom can be purchased in two ways: Buying the stand alone version and subscribing to Adobe’s creative cloud service. Whatever choice you make, both methods offer affordable price.