Pros and Cons of Adobe Lightroom 6 and CC

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  • November 23, 2015
  • LR14Earlier this year, Adobe announced their latest version of Lightroom and it can be acquired through straight payment and creative cloud system subscription plan. Adobe decided to create that option to make sure that everyone will be happy. Basically, Adobe Lightroom 6 is for both amateurs and professional photographers who want to save money while Lightroom CC is intended for professional photographers who want to use other Adobe products.

    This article will mainly discuss the pros and cons of both Lightroom 6 and CC:


    • Contains a lot of new editing features for landscape and portrait photographers.
    • Very easy to use
    • Help save time and effort
    • Fast and consistent interface
    • Give more emphasis on modifying images, creating Lightroom filters, sharing images online, create a slideshow program and more.


    • Not open for video modification
    • Adobe Lightroom Mobile is not accessible Like Instagram and VSCO
    • Few default Lightroom presets
    • Should improve and enhance retouching and other minor editing tools

    New Added Features

    HDR Tools – This feature allows users to merge their images into one single HDR file while preserving the two original images unharmed.

    Facial Recognition – Adobe Lightroom can now recognize faces from the image, but will keep the privacy unless the user will tag and add keyword for faster file transfer.

    Panoramic Merge – Merging a panoramic image in Lightroom was made possible. Whether it’s in horizontal or vertical, Lightroom can merge two panorama image.

    Speedy GPU – This feature allows user to use the program without speed issues.

    Overall, Lightroom 6 and CC is a better version compared to Lightroom 5. Although there are some features that needs improvement, Adobe will surely note and improve it in the next Lightroom version. The new changes in the program is a good move to help photographers with their workload.


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