Nicholas & Rachel’s Wedding Photos at The Red Barn in Tonbridge

  • Steven
  • November 4, 2015
  • Rachel’s Dad is a well known football ref and can be found on YouTube for a certain pitch incident – but we’ll leave it at that 🙂

    St Stephen’s Church is big on the inside but small on the outside for photo opportunities, and it started to rain just as the ceremony came to an end in typical fashion.   With some lighting trickery I managed to make the gloomy weather look nice and cosy for the group shots,  and by the time we had moved onto The Red Barn in Tonbridge,  the weather had cleared up.

    Luckily,  The Red Barn is very photogenic indoors – so worst case we still would have got nice shots inside.   Always keep in mind when booking your wedding venue what it’s like indoors,  it’s easy to get carried away with venues that have nice grounds when you go visit them in summer. Try and visit your venue at the same time of year you are getting married.

    A few frames from this wedding are below as usual and some more of my favorites over on Visualsnap Facebook.


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