I’m here to respond to any questions in your search for a suitable photographer, and clarify my appeal among Kent wedding photographers.

I’ve taken the opportunity to answer some of the usual questions on this page for your convenience.

How much photography will you shoot at my wedding?
The amount of photography you receive depends on how long I am booked for.  My goal is to ensure a minimum of around 200 images – but this can be as high as 500 depending on time and the opportunities on the day.  All wedding photography is provided on disc in full resolution and licensed to you for free use during your lifetime.

I have to say I’m quite nervous about having my wedding photography taken?
You shouldn’t let this spoil your day as most people see themselves to be un-photogenic.  Most people in UK are not familiar enough with professional photography, and have bad memories of their professional school photos!  When being photographed by an experienced photographer the results are night and day.  I can explain the wedding photography process and make sure you look as beautiful as you feel on that special day.

Do you have a style of wedding photography that you shoot?
Some may class my style as documentary wedding photography, but I know from experience that most clients expect formal pictures in a stylish format in addition to the candid shots  – hence, I prefer to refer to my style as contemporary documentary wedding photography because that covers a broader variety of content.  I also take a mixture of natural light and off-camera flash photography,  so you can enjoy the benefits of both technical styles.

I have a family member who is a keen photographer – wouldn’t it be better if he took my wedding photos?
Sure he may be a decent photographer and very keen, but wouldn’t you rather entrust something as important as your wedding photography to a known professional?  You should aim to be assured that you will receive professional wedding photography presented in a professional manner. Priceless wedding photography entrusted to me need not be expensive.

Have you worked at our wedding venue previously or able to visit it before the wedding?
I hope to make my wedding photography as unique as the couple themselves.  I can attend the venue with you ahead of the special day – depending on my availability and a small charge for travel.   Regardless,  I always give myself plenty of time to arrive at your venue and scout the environment for photographic opportunities.

Do you have a studio base?
I provide mobile wedding photography from my base location in West Wickham, Kent.  This gives me easy access to all of Kent and SE England.   You will rarely obtain the best value from your local high-street photographer.

What if it rains on our wedding day?
One can never be assured of safe British weather. As a professional wedding photographer I am equipped with reasonably water proof equipment, and giant brollies.   I would always look to make the most of it rather than complain. I’ve taken great pictures in the rain and can make dark interiors look like sunny days with a few lighting tricks.

How much is it book you and what do we do next?
I’ll ask a reasonable deposit or give you other options. The balance is due 2 weeks before the wedding date, which is standard industry practice. Simply complete the contact me page and I will be in touch to confirm availability terms and conditions (nothing scary).

Can we still plan our wedding coverage without meeting up with you?
Yes I do understand that it is not always possible given work and locations. In these circumstances, I am fine to discuss wedding photography over the phone or email.  I provide my customers with service before, during and after their event.

Do you use any special photography equipment?
I upgrade my photography and post production equipment regularly to ensure it is always state-of-the-art. Currently I am using the Canon EOS 5D Mark III – a professional camera series with a proven track record at weddings.  My cameras are complimented with a library of Canon L grade lenses.  You will certainly be sure to receive the benefits of modern photography.

Do you shoot wedding photography on film as well as digital?
I’ve chosen digital. The main difference is how they are reproduced and the scope for editing.  Digital provides me the flexibility needed by my clients and I can use this in more situations than a film camera, enabling me to shoot faster and smarter to your advantage.   A film photographer will also charge you a fortune in print fees it must be said – with film there is also no real concept of usage copyright free client images, as I offer.

How long does it take for you to deliver my wedding photography or wedding album?
Your disc of wedding photography from the day is back with you within 2 weeks.  If you also ordered an album, the creation, printing and delivery  takes approximately 3-4 weeks after you have chosen your images for inclusion.  Most couples normally like to leave this until they return from their honeymoon.  Do take your time in picking your favorite pictures.

Please tell me in which format I receive my pictures?
All photography is shot and managed in the professional camera RAW format.  Once processed by me they are converted into JPEG format for inclusion on your disc in high and low resolution.  The resolution of each high detail picture is up to 23 MegaPixels – a lot larger than what you will be used to from a consumer grade camera.  The benefit of such high resolution is the level of detail and the ability to print giant size output.  Lower resolution images are also provided to enable fast sharing and screen viewing on the Internet etc.

What areas can you deliver coverage in?
I travel anywhere in South East England but focus on Kent and Surrey venues.   I can travel further, but there would be a charge for this.

Do you work with an assistant on the day?
For a wedding day shoot another person just gets in the way.  An advantage to a solo wedding photographer like me is that I maintain creative vision right through to delivery of your photography.  When I frame a shot I often already know how I want it to end up in post-production.

Why is Visualsnap cheaper than other quality wedding photographers ?
I charge the prices which I think are realistic and reasonable to my customers. I rely on word-of-mouth over advertising and avoid pressure sale scenarios.  With reduced overheads I can keep us both happy.

What happens should you fall sick on my day or otherwise be unavailable?
I would refund your monies in this situation. The chances of me being ill are equal to the chances of the bride or groom being taken ill.   We all do our best to avoid this risk.
I’ve seen your packages for wedding photography but would like to include some more coverage.
My packages are there as a guide only to help you compare me with other photographers.  Talk to me about your requirements and I can arrange what is needed in a bespoke fashion at a competitive price including an album if needed.

When do you suggest  I book my wedding photographer?
The majority of photographers worth their salt will only cover one wedding per day – me included.  Of course, this limits the number of weddings a wedding photographer can fit in.  The majority of people aim to get married on a Saturday – so it is advisable to make contact with your photographer as soon as you can find the time, as the more popular dates towards August are sometimes booked two years in advance.  Booking the wedding photographer should be right up your list with booking the wedding venue.  Some of my clients book well over a year ahead.

Contact me directly if you have any other immediate questions. Happy to share advice without obligation.