Exploring the All New Adobe Lightroom CC

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  • January 8, 2016
  • LR45If you’ve been following and using best Lightroom 5 presets for years now, you’ll be very excited to know that Adobe has finally released another useful and upgraded tool called Lightroom 6. It is available in a license pack or a creative cloud subscription plan package in a form of Lightroom CC. However, you need to be a creative cloud subscriber to enjoy CC perks and benefits.

    In this article, we will explore the added features, services and editing options of the all new Adobe Lightroom 6. Essentially, the latest program contains several new additional features and has fixed several issues in the previous version.

    What to expect in Lightroom 6?

    Improved Performance Speed

    One of the main concerns of most Lightroom users is the speed performance. They are longing for a huge speed upgrade. Fortunately,  Adobe heard them and included in the transformation and upgrade of Lightroom 6. Instead of relying on the central processing unit, all other adjustments can now be offloaded in the graphic processor. This will take some of the most important offloads on the CPU, and makes the entire process of the Lightroom program more fast and steady.

    Panorama and HDR Photo Merge

    This is an additional feature to Lightroom which has the capacity to merge two panoramas and HDR images. This feature can be simple yet tricky since you need to blend two images without destroying the quality or the image itself.

    Improved Basic Adjustment Filters

    Most photographers want more of Lightroom. Unlike in the previous version where there are only few best lightroom 5 presets available, in Lightroom 6, Adobe added more useful tools such as the graduated and radial filters. Also, they made some of the basic adjustment filters.

    Facial Recognition

    As what we always see on Facebook and Instagram, Lightroom has added a facial recognition feature that will easily tag people in the image.


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