Edward & Charlotte’s Wedding Photos at The Bickley Gastro in Chislehurst

  • Steven
  • November 4, 2015
  • The organ player at Holy Trinity Church in Sidcup actually did a decent job of staying in tune.  I don’t know if playing a church organ is particularly difficult,  but usually those guys sound like they could do with a lot more practice.

    Later on I was fighting off the bees at this wedding.   Nature seemed to be out to get us at the reception venue of The Bickley Gastro in Chislehurst.  Inevitably one of the guests got stung right during the group photos. Ouch.

    I think the highlight however,  was when the guests took their seats for the reception meal  –  and one of them fell right thought it.  It got the laughter going anyway.

    Other than that it was just a good old jolly gathering.   Enjoy a pinch of their photos below or on Visualsnap Facebook.


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