Wedding Goes Vintage with Lightroom

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  • April 14, 2016
    • Free presets you can use editing your wedding pics
    • Editing while storing your files and images through Lightroom
    • Cool, creative vintage-style wedding picture through Lightroom presets

    Going vintage with your wedding photos was unheard of in the past. Today, however, it is one of the sought-after effects you can use for your wedding photos.

    Lightroom knows that too well. They even have wedding presets that are free online, so that even beginners can enhance their photos the way professionals do. And these vintage wedding Lightroom presets free come with different features.


    These features include a storing system where you can file your images in order and with keywords, allowing you to manage your files in order. You certainly can’t find this feature with other photo-enhancing apps since they can only make limited editing.

    But going for that vintage effect makes your wedding images a lot more interesting than its usual presentation. It is another way of presenting your wedding pics with character and drama, courtesy of its has-been effect.

    These vintage wedding Lightroom presets free also has that tutorial video so you can experiment with different shades of vintage you can use for your wedding pics.

    Your wedding is one of the most important events in your life, and if you can enhance it with that vintage preset, you are giving its importance an added punch, highlighting its authenticity out of that unique atmospheric effect that this vintage preset can give to your photos.

    So download these vintage wedding Lightroom presets free now and make full use of it for the enhancement of your wedding photo images. These photos need that special treatment, and what a way to have that than by using these vintage presets right now. Who knows, these pictures might be better with that vintage effect compared to its original take.


    James & Allison’s Wedding Photos at Selsdon Park in Sanderstead

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  • November 4, 2015
  • You might meet Allison if you fly with Virgin.  She probably spends more time in the air than on the ground , but she’s very down-to-earth type.

    Her wedding day was hence, very chilled and relaxed as she got hitched at Selsdon Park in Sanderstead to James.

    I was sad to hear following the wedding that the videographer on the day had gone out of business and taken her video footage with him.   Thankfully,  she informed me recently that she managed to recover the footage and edit it herself!

    We got some lovely shots at Selsdon,  and Alli loved the photos.  Customer satisfaction is what it’s all about.

    A few teaser shots of their wedding day below with more to be found on Facebook, feel free to check them out if you are also looking for a Kent wedding photographer.


    Nicholas & Rachel’s Wedding Photos at The Red Barn in Tonbridge

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  • Rachel’s Dad is a well known football ref and can be found on YouTube for a certain pitch incident – but we’ll leave it at that 🙂

    St Stephen’s Church is big on the inside but small on the outside for photo opportunities, and it started to rain just as the ceremony came to an end in typical fashion.   With some lighting trickery I managed to make the gloomy weather look nice and cosy for the group shots,  and by the time we had moved onto The Red Barn in Tonbridge,  the weather had cleared up.

    Luckily,  The Red Barn is very photogenic indoors – so worst case we still would have got nice shots inside.   Always keep in mind when booking your wedding venue what it’s like indoors,  it’s easy to get carried away with venues that have nice grounds when you go visit them in summer. Try and visit your venue at the same time of year you are getting married.

    A few frames from this wedding are below as usual and some more of my favorites over on Visualsnap Facebook.


    Edward & Charlotte’s Wedding Photos at The Bickley Gastro in Chislehurst

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  • The organ player at Holy Trinity Church in Sidcup actually did a decent job of staying in tune.  I don’t know if playing a church organ is particularly difficult,  but usually those guys sound like they could do with a lot more practice.

    Later on I was fighting off the bees at this wedding.   Nature seemed to be out to get us at the reception venue of The Bickley Gastro in Chislehurst.  Inevitably one of the guests got stung right during the group photos. Ouch.

    I think the highlight however,  was when the guests took their seats for the reception meal  –  and one of them fell right thought it.  It got the laughter going anyway.

    Other than that it was just a good old jolly gathering.   Enjoy a pinch of their photos below or on Visualsnap Facebook.